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Benefits of a Build, Operate, Manage Parts Distribution Solution

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“Build, operate, manage” lets small and medium-sized companies access big-company logistics at affordable prices.

Cura Resource Group started as a disruptor in the last-mile delivery business. Our turnkey package pick-up centers filled a gap for e-commerce retailers who need to provide a distributed sales force with better customer service in hard-to-serve markets. 

Today a large part of our success is derived from our "Build, Operate, Manage" approach to local distribution services. By putting warehousing and fulfillment services where our clients need them, we make it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to enjoy all the advantages of bringing products and parts closer to where they are ultimately used without the need to invest in real estate, construction, or costly third-party logistics arrangements.

Facilitating Point-of-Use Inventory Availability for MROs, Fleet Owners, & Operators

Managing MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) inventory is complicated. The goal is to buy, store, use, and replenish supplies as efficiently and economically as possible. But proper MRO inventory planning is often overlooked, and things can break down at the local distribution level.

Even very large companies like fleet operators and owners who can afford to invest in automation and software to manage inventory for routine maintenance and repairs still have to find a place to store thousands of parts close to where they are needed. For smaller companies with fewer resources, the trade-off between point-of-use proximity and the inconvenience of giving up limited work space for storage bins just isn't worth it. 

At CRG, our solution is to build, operate, and manage full-service distribution centers for any size business, close to where MRO parts and supplies are used. Our fully staffed sites combine the best assets of online and in-person order and fulfillment services in one place. That way, we can handle the planning, tracking, and storage for you.

We offer our clients custom facilities, private or shared, along with all the benefits of having point-of-use inventory close at hand including real cost savings, greater efficiency, better inventory management and controls, and faster delivery and turn-around times for customers.

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