Solving the Last-Mile Problem for Direct Sellers

Local pick-up centers help customers and distributors get the products they want.

Customers want fast, free delivery and multi-channel shopping experiences. Retailers are answering with local pick-up centers.

Large companies like Amazon, Google and Wal-Mart are setting expectations with consumers who don’t want to wait for products they buy online or in local stores. It's generally raising the bar for all retailers, including direct sellers.

This is pushing innovative direct sales marketers to find new ways to make transactions easier and inventory more accessible, especially in densely populated markets.

Find out how local sales centers are becoming an essential part of the multi-channel experience. In this white paper, you'll learn:

  • How e-commerce is changing customer expectations
  • How retailers are adapting to new shopping patterns and distribution requirements
  • The importance of local presence for direct sales companies
  • Advantages of local pick-up centers for direct sales companies selling fast-moving inventory to multi-cultural distributors

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