Meet the People Behind Our Success

Steve Brillati

Steve Brillati

Founder & CEO, Sterling Heights, MI

With extensive experience managing warehousing and distribution centers nationwide, Steve has been instrumental in the company's success since do-founding it in 2007.

As CEO, Steve oversees all aspects of operations, driving profitable growth through innovation in distribution, warehousing, real estate development, and logistics. His passion lies in helping clients tap into new revenue streams by optimizing current facilities or creating satellite warehouses in high-value locations that others may overlook.

Steve is committed to giving back to his community in Detroit, where he actively fundraises for causes he cares about and enjoys spending time with his wife and four children.

Irene Arellano

Irene Arellano

Manager, San Jose, CA

Irene is our boomerang. She returned to the company after a brief career hiatus and has been with us for 7 years. Through her experiences, Irene embraces growth and strives to improve her managerial skills continually. 

Prior to joining Cura, she gained valuable experience as a technician at Tesla, which honed her time management skills and ability to work with diverse personalities.

Outside of work, Irene enjoys quality family time whether it's going camping or to the beach. Originally from Gilroy, CA, she lives in San Jose with her boyfriend, Daniel, and their two children, Eileen and Julian.

Albert Gonzalez

Albert Gonzalez

Facilities Manager, Carolina, Puerto Rico

Albert has been integral to our team for over nine years. Currently, he oversees the creation and implementation of operational procedures for our high-volume locations.

With a BA in Math Science, Albert's professional journey was shaped by his father's corporate career. This led him to over 14 years in management positions at Toys "R" Us and in the cell phone industry.

Albert lived in New York, Texas, and Florida before settling in Puerto Rico. When not splitting his time between Cura offices in Carolina and Arecibo, Albert enjoys traveling with his adult children and spending time with friends.

Jazmine Guitron

Jazmine Guitron

Fulfillment Operations Manager, Riverside, CA

With nearly a decade of dedicated service, Jazmine embarked on her journey with us as a temporary warehouse order picker. Rising through the ranks, she leveraged her business degree to help successfully transform our Riverside facility from a sales center to a thriving fulfillment center.

Through her experiences, Jazmine continues to grow both personally and professionally, driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to success. Outside of work, Jazmine lives in the high desert with her partner, stepson, and daughter, cherishing moments together and embracing the adventures of life. 

Beatriz Huerta

Beatriz Huerta

Regional Manager, West Coast Operations

Beatriz, also known as Bea, hails from Mexico City and cites her bilingual upbringing as shaping her values of hard work and gratitude. After relocating to the U.S., she began her professional journey at the age of 16. 

During her 14+ years with us, Bea transitioned from warehouse staff to a pivotal role as West Coast Regional Manager, where she collaborates with other leaders and shares ideas to standardize operations across all centers.

Outside of work, Bea cherishes traveling with her family and their beloved dog, Yankee. They also enjoy discovering hidden gems in their hometown of Chicago. 

Ivonne Huerta

Ivonne Huerta

Manager of Operations, Des Plaines, IL

With an impressive 14-year tenure, Ivonne can remember the early days when she held multiple front/back office roles.

Today, Ivonne's commitment to our company and community is unwavering. She oversees our operational processes, ensuring smooth day-to-day functioning and contributing to our success in ways she couldn't have imagined. Ivonne's dedication extends beyond the office, as she regularly volunteers at charity events sponsored by Cura Group clients.

Outside of work, Ivonne enjoys quality time with family and friends, attending concerts, and hanging out in Chicago with her husband of 11 years and her 9-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Angel Matias

Angel Matias

Regional Manager, East Coast Operations

Angel's upbringing in a traditional Mexican household instilled values of perseverance and commitment, which proved invaluable over his 15+ year career journey from entry-level to managerial roles. 

Significant achievements include leading our expansion across the U.S. and Puerto Rico and ensuring seamless logistics during the evolution of the Herbalife account. Angel now plays a crucial role in standardizing procedures and staff acquisition, training and retention. 

Outside of work, Angel enjoys biking and collecting classic N64 games and Pokémon cards. He lives in Davenport, Iowa, with his partner Gates, a writer, composer, and professor at Berklee School of Music.


Kevin Olah

Director of Operations, Sterling Heights, MI

With a background spanning the automotive industry and global exposure at Guardian Industries Corp., Kevin brings a rich perspective to his role in Ops. Besides overseeing our Quality Management System (QMS) and driving business improvement efforts, he establishes strategic plans, policies, and procedures to ensure our quality improvement initiatives meet or exceed customer expectations. 

Additionally, he plans and facilitates our Managers Conferences in Detroit, providing Sales Center Managers with valuable networking opportunities.

Outside of work, Kevin enjoys exploring new cultures and cuisines with his husband, Michael, and their dog, Rufus.

Eric Van Ousland

Eric Van Ousland

Sales Center Manager, Bronx, NY

Eric has held many positions at Cura: back office clerk, lobby ambassador, and manning our QRC (Query Request Complaint) Center. 

In his current role, Eric oversees the operations of our Bronx facility, ensuring the smooth functioning of both the front and back office teams. His responsibilities include opening the facility, supervising staff, and maintaining the accuracy of orders processed and delivered over the counter. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Eric's upbringing has shaped him into managerial leader he is today. After work, he's passionate about sports, particularly baseball, and serves as a College Football Scout in his spare time.

Stephanie Saldana

Stephanie Saldana

Operations Manager, Houston, TX

Starting as a back/front office clerk, Stephanie quickly rose through the ranks to become Assistant Manager before assuming her current role in Operations. 

Born and raised in Houston, Stephanie's passion for customer satisfaction has been deeply influenced by her desire to learn and grow. She finds fulfillment and inspiration from the excellent service provided by the team she leads. 

Outside of work, Stephanie spends time with her four siblings and their chihuahua Babi. She embraces a healthy lifestyle, enjoys working out, and never misses an opportunity to attend live concerts and symphonies. 


Wayne Trzeciak

Aerospace Consultant, Melbourne, FL

Wayne Trzeciak brings over 40 years of experience to promoting Cura's sales efforts to the aerospace and transportation verticals, specializing in warehousing-as-a-service and parts distribution. His expertise lies in Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory solutions, where he leverages his wealth of experience in warehousing and logistics, inventory management, parts sales and warranty, and supplier procurement.

With a diverse background spanning various segments of the field, Wayne has held key positions such as Director of Business Development and Customer Success at AeroParts Now, Manager of Aftermarket Parts and Services at Proterra Inc., and Aviation Parts/Logistics Manager at Advanced Technology Services.

Andy Machado.2

Andy Valdes

Operations Manager, Miami, FL

Originally hired as a Back Office Customer Service Representative, Andy quickly rose through the ranks and, three months later, was promoted to Operations Manager at the age of 18. A notable highlight of his 8-year career with us includes successfully navigating the operational challenges presented by the COVID pandemic.

He credits his parents—and growing up in politically charged Cuba—with instilling in him the importance of resilience, hard work, sacrifice, and appreciation for people. 

Outside of work, Andy enjoys sports, bowling, movies, and spending time with family. He currently resides in Miami, FL.