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We're witnessing the increasing digitization and automation of diverse industries including aviation, automotive, retail and e-commerce, bus and rail transit, pharmaceuticals, information technology, and many more. With that, many companies face new warehousing and distribution challenges as well as louder customer demands to move critical inventory faster. And this is happening as they try to expand the market for their goods and services.

Cura Group helps businesses of every size compete by building, operating, and managing custom warehousing and distribution centers close to where parts and products are needed. These strategically placed sites allow any business to stock fast-moving and critical-to-need items for quicker delivery to their customers.

Add to that our responsive bi-lingual customer service teams and you’ve got a unique and customizable 3PL logistics strategy that is efficient, cost-effective, and hassle-free. 

We’ll design and operate your customized storage and distribution center anywhere it's needed — near busy regional airports, transportation hubs, or wherever last-mile delivery is difficult. And if suitable space isn’t available, we’ll help you decide if building from the ground up is an option.

Could your company benefit from having a distribution center in one of these locations — or anywhere else in North America? What about globally?  

With Cura Group, reliable product access is one less thing to worry about. 

Contact us today to discuss a custom distribution strategy that gets you closer to your customers!

Learn more about our unique 3PL solutions for the aviation industry.

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