Customizable Warehousing-As-A-Service Solution for Aviation

airplane mechanic


Are you an aviation parts supplier or a Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) facility grappling with the complexities of point-of-use logistics?

Look no further. Cura Group understands the intricate dance of balancing the need to hold and deliver thousands of critical parts that keep aircraft in the skies with the need for reliable and cost-effective warehousing and fulfillment. 

That's why we offer customizable contract logistics services specifically tailored to meet the aviation industry's complex requirements for inventory management, staffing, training, product distribution, customer service, and more. 

Let our professional management team improve your current facilities or help you build out a brand-new distribution center. Either way, you'll appreciate how seamless access to high-demand aircraft components sharpens your competitive edge.

  • Ensure critical inventory is available at nearby point-of-use storage sites.

  • Fulfill time-sensitive online or in-person orders efficiently from a single location.

  • Get control over local inventory levels with better visibility into parts on hand.

  • Extend your market reach to maximize exposure and win new customers.

  • Reduce logistics costs through greater operational efficiencies over time.

Cura Group makes it possible for any size aviation company to benefit from enterprise-grade logistics services without investing in real estate or new internal support systems.

Let's discuss how Cura can streamline your warehousing and distribution operations and propel your aviation parts business forward.

PS: These benefits apply to automotive, fleet, bus, and rail transit operations, too! Also, see Cura's cross-industry benefits here.