Retail Logistics Connects Manufacturers, Channels & Consumers

Retail Logistics


Retailers aim to avoid excess inventory beyond what customers require, while manufacturers — particularly those based overseas — only want to supply as much as their channel partners need. 

But the process of picking, packing, labeling, and delivering the right goods in the right configuration to a specific store within strict time constraints is complicated, and storage space is costly.

The Cura Retail Logistics Division presents a fresh 3PL fulfillment approach that keeps everyone happy. Our retail distribution system is fully adaptable to your needs, where you retain ownership of the products and we manage the facilities, warehouse personnel, and delivery operations. 

Whether you're an established manufacturer who needs help with custom product displays built to unique channel specifications, or a new brand trying to obtain shelf space at a national retailer, we'll get you from factory floor to local distribution center to individual store shelves.  

Local contract logistics for retail helps you leverage enterprise-level solutions at any budget.

  • Get strategic sales support, dedicated account management, and own-brand private label development & placement
  • Benefit from assortment guidance with pick, pack, and delivery of any size order down to store level
  • Satisfy specific channel requirements for packaging, labeling, and sorting
  • Prevent delays and incomplete or inaccurate orders, and minimize chargebacks
  • Have more visibility into — and control over — local inventory levels
  • Offer reliable end-to-end-fulfillment including drop-shipping and bulk deliveries

Let's discuss a custom logistics solution to better serve you and your customers in the global manufacturing and retail industry.

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