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Location is King for Product Convenience Centers

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Sometimes product delivery is one of your biggest obstacles. You can lose sales and customer satisfaction in that last mile.

Many companies are choosing to open walk-in customer centers, also known as rapid response centers or product convenience centers. These centers allow individual members or your distributors access to same-day product delivery when quick shipping to their doorsteps isn’t an option.


Where is the ideal location for a product convenience center?

When you have customers in different regions across the country, choosing where to open a center is just one of many important questions you will face. Most companies find it is best to enlist the help of a full-service provider with the expertise to successfully manage all aspects of opening a product convenience center.

This includes:

  • Extensively researching location demographics to determine where a center will provide optimum return on investment
  • Scouting out potential real estate for the location
  • Managing the permit process, any parking needs, and features that would benefit members or distributors
  • Expertly overseeing the necessary construction or renovations
  • Handling HR and staffing needs
  • Managing cash flow and inventory, fully operating the walk-in center for your business
  • Providing customer service in both English and Spanish

Location is king

What criteria do you look for when selecting a location for a product convenience center? There are many things to consider when searching for real estate, but location, location, location always tops the list.

Here are a few important points to consider:

  • Market research should support that there is a potential for new or increased sales from this demographic area. Previous voids in last-mile delivery services are one indicator.
  • Is it a high-density market? Will many members or distributors use and benefit from this center?
  • What businesses are located nearby? Is this area already established for easy, safe foot traffic?
  • Is there public transportation nearby? Parking? How easy is it to get to?
  • Is there good visibility to support branding and utilize free advertising with your company name on the building?
  • Will this location help you achieve your ROI?

Time is money

According to an article in Industry Week, your competitors will eventually find ways to reach untapped and “undeliverable” markets. They will seek solutions to meet consumers’ growing expectations for superior product availability, flexible return policies, and delivery options that fit their needs.

Expanding your operations with a product convenience center in the right location can be key to your business remaining competitive, increasing sales, and improving customer service. But, it often requires the advice and leadership of an expert outsource partner.

Your full-service provider should manage all aspects of developing, opening, and running your convenience center(s). But most importantly, they should partner with you to determine the ideal location(s) to obtain the greatest ROI and optimum customer satisfaction.

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