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As More Retail Shutters, In-Person Customer Service Will Become a Differentiator for Direct Sellers

The purchase process is quickly becoming a completely digital experience, with buyers and sellers all but eliminating human interaction. Almost everything can be done online. But is this what consumers want: no in-person customer service when purchasing a product?

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How to Reduce the Bite of Shipping Rate Hikes

Shipping: it’s the blessing and the curse of every e-commerce business. E-commerce is the fastest growing segment of the retail economy, and direct shipping to customers is the grease that keeps it moving. But that “last mile” of delivery — from a distribution point to your customers’ hands — can be especially challenging.

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Solving the Delivery Traffic Crisis

Were you aware that it’s possible to contribute to a traffic jam just by shopping online? It sounds far-fetched, but it’s much more likely than you think.

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5 Alternative Solutions to Offering Free Shipping

Fast and free shipping: every e-commerce customer wants it. Unfortunately, this sort of service isn’t always feasible. Trying to keep up with the Amazons of the world can put a dent in a business’ bottom line — and sometimes it can even cause a business to fold.

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