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3 Tips for Managing the Costs of Processing Credit Cards

If your business accepts credit cards, you know that fees are a part of doing business. In fact, merchants say the fees they pay to accept credit cards are rising and have become increasingly unpredictable. You may incur a laundry list of charges, including:

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How to Fill a Delivery Void and Earn Loyal Customers

Eliminate the threat of package theft and wasted time waiting on deliveries by opening a customer convenience center.

Purchasing online should save the consumer time and effort, right? For some, not always. Millions of people live in high-density markets where buying online actually causes a dilemma, not a solution.

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The Evolution of the Courier Service Industry

The courier service industry has undergone dramatic changes in almost every respect, from types of products shipped to customer demands and expectations. 

With a surge in e-commerce across global economies, the highly competitive courier service industry has drastically evolved to meet consumers’ ever-changing needs. But there is one challenge that the courier industry has always faced: how to deliver goods or packages safely to their destination, into the customer’s hands faster and easier.

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Overcome Last-Mile Obstacles

Customer convenience centers help businesses reach consumers in hard-to-deliver-to markets.

Direct-sales businesses face tough competition across the online marketplace. Add to that the challenge of securing safe, cost-effective delivery to areas where there is a void in last-mile services.

Today’s customer wants to order product quickly — and to receive it safely and promptly. But many high-density markets across country lack safe, fast delivery options. How can you position your business in these areas to ensure local customers and distributors have quick access to your products?

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