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2017 Trends in Direct Sales

Direct selling is an industry that continues to grow, year in, year out. With estimated retail sales of over $35 billion in 2015 — a 4.8 percent increase from 2014 — direct selling has now outpaced traditional retail sales. So how can your business keep up with this growth trend and even expand?

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Aware of the Easter Shopping Season? Your E-Commerce Business Should Be.

When thinking of the holiday shopping season, the time frame between Thanksgiving and Christmas is probably the first to come to mind. But what about Easter? If the Easter shopping season isn’t on your radar, your business may be missing out on an increasingly ripe opportunity for e-commerce sales.

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Signs It’s Time to Expand Your E-Commerce Business

At this point, your business is out of the weeds. You recognize what you need to do in order to be successful — and certainly the things you need to avoid. But even for a business that is seemingly doing all the right things, you still may question if expanding is the right move.

The prospect of expanding your business can be both exciting and nerve wracking. But, if the signs are present, then this may be the right time to grow your business.

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Plagued by Porch Piracy? A Customer Pick-up Center Could Be the Solution

The average value for an online purchase in the U.S. is just over $85. Would you leave $85 lying out in the open for anyone to take? Probably not. Yet we do this on an almost daily basis with packages that have equal and sometimes greater value, as they are left unattended on porches and front steps.

Recent studies show that 58% of men and 50% of women enjoy making their purchases online, but going in store to pick up their item. Reasons range from convenience, to cost savings, to security.

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5 Reasons Why E-Commerce Businesses Fail

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