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The High Cost of 'Free Shipping' and Last-Mile Delivery

What’s the biggest challenge your supply chain faces? If it’s keeping pace with your customers’ ever-changing demands for faster/cheaper/better delivery service, you are not alone. It’s an issue that’s been topping many of the supply chain surveys of 2016. 

There are a few key reasons delivery service can be challenging. We’ll focus on two big ones in this blog — the last-mile delivery challenge and the cost/convenience factor.  

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4 Reasons Your Competitors Might Be Outperforming Your E-Commerce Business

Even if your pricing is competitive, you may be losing customers to the competition because they’re doing these things right.

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Getting Inventory to the Point of Demand: An Alternative for E-commerce Businesses

A few weeks ago, I blogged about one of the most dynamic new trends in e-commerce: cross-channel sales. This is the trend toward consumers selecting and buying their items online and picking them up at a physical location, be it a retail store or distribution center.

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Tapping into Untapped Markets: Solutions for E-Commerce Businesses

The business of retail sales is changing fast. Study after study documents the meteoric rise of e-commerce, a sales phenomenon that is growing roughly four times faster than retail sales overall. By the end of this year, retail sales through online channels are expected to grow to $1.9 trillion worldwide, a 23% increase over last year’s figures.

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Why Fulfillment by Amazon is Disliked by So Many Businesses

It's the holiday sales season, and, for retail e-commerce sellers, that means the two most lucrative months of business are here.

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