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Location is King for Product Convenience Centers

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Sometimes product delivery is one of your biggest obstacles. You can lose sales and customer satisfaction in that last mile.

Many companies are choosing to open walk-in customer centers, also known as rapid response centers or product convenience centers. These centers allow individual members or your distributors access to same-day product delivery when quick shipping to their doorsteps isn’t an option.

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What Filling Last-Mile Voids Means to Your Business

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How many of your potential customers live in “undeliverable” urban areas?  What could your business gain in sales by providing service to these consumers? If you sat down and calculated the potential, the numbers might surprise you — and make you want to take action.

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Last-Mile Delivery Voids? There are Solutions

“We reach your customers wherever they may be”. That is what the UPS website claims. But, if your business involves delivering products to certain high-density urban markets, you may realize that motto is not entirely accurate.

In neighborhoods where leaving a package is considered risky, consumers can find themselves on a very unpopular list — categorized as “undeliverable.” Sometimes delivery to your customer’s door is simply not an option. Even giants such as Amazon have certain sections of cities where they will not deliver.