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Everything Old About Retail is New Again



Why You Need to Take Another Look at Brick-and-Mortar

In the age of all things digital, it’s easy to make simplistic distinctions between new (online) and old (offline) business models. E-commerce, mobile commerce, chatbots, interactive voice response — these are all digital shopping innovations. Storefronts, physical inventory, cash payments, humans — that’s the old way of doing business. But more and more, progressive retailers are discovering that old-school brick-and-mortar locations are essential assets that can increase sales for even the most digitally evolved brands.

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The Herbalife24 Triathlon was a Celebration of Los Angeles

On Sunday, June 2nd, the city of Los Angeles welcomed thousands of athletes from around the world to compete in the inaugural Herbalife24 Triathlon. For the first time in three years, triathletes swam, ran and biked their way throughout the Greater Los Angeles area in a variety of individual, team relay, and corporate events. Cura Group (CRG) was a proud sponsor, and our local employees took time out from their regular duties at Herbalife's Riverside Quick Response Center to help make the event a spectacular success.