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Introducing the Cura Group Retail Logistics Division


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When Visual Merchandising Meets Logistics, Good Things Happen

Visual merchandising is the process of planning how to design and display products in a way that highlights their features and benefits and entices customers to buy. Logistics is the process of managing inventory using warehousing, distribution, and customer service. Both are important for manufacturers and retailers trying to get popular products to customers as efficiently as possible.

Few companies realize, however, that both visual merchandising and logistics can be more effective when managed together.  

Take warehousing, for example. Visual merchandising is about storing and organizing products in a way that makes them easy to access, display, and replenish. Logistics is about storing and organizing products in a way that optimizes space for inventory and reduces costs. To be good at either, you'll need to consider factors such as product dimensions, packaging, shelf life, turnover, and demand.

On the other hand, distribution requires attention to delivery times, shipping costs, quality control, and customer satisfaction. That's because visual merchandising and supply chain management entail moving products to different destinations, including online fulfillment centers, physical stores, or even customer homes and office locations — usually on a tight schedule.

Everything comes together in great customer service through a combination of eye-catching product displays, signage, packaging information, order tracking, delivery confirmation, and even exchanges and returns. By coordinating visual merchandising and logistics strategies, you create a seamless shopping experience that can increase sales, retention, and profit. 

Why we joined forces with CG Access Group

This month, I am delighted to announce the launch of Cura Retail Logistics, a new division that marries the best capabilities of professional visual merchandising with expert logistics management.

Our comprehensive retail solution combines structural and creative package design services, display building, warehousing, inventory management, and pack-out services — all under one roof. It's an innovative approach that streamlines end-to-end supply chain management and reduces the likelihood of errors that arise when your goods are in one location and your displays are someplace else. 

In-store retail displays allow you to draw attention to specific merchandise, round out immersive in-store experiences, and flex your creative muscles. - venhq.com

Now, a single point of contact ensures accurate shipments of the right products in the right quantities to the right locations — along with the right displays. And with multiple locations nationwide, Cura provides faster delivery with shorter lead times than centralized distribution centers — we'll get your orders to wherever you need them, exactly when you want them.

Together with the exceptional team from CG Access Group, we are expanding our services for consumer products as the next logical extension of our successful "build, operate, manage" approach to flexible, customizable, 3PL services for businesses of any size. The new Cura Retail Logistics division represents a significant advancement in retail logistics management, and is ideally positioned to meet the needs of fast-growing national brands.

About Cura Group

Cura Group is a full-service 3PL partner with a flexible, customizable approach to localized warehouse and distribution facilities. We'll help you find a site, negotiate a lease, build out your warehouse facilities, even hire and train your staff, and now we'll help you plan, manage, and optimize your retail display and visual merchandising programs, too.

For more information about the new Cura Retail Logistics division, reach out to Casey Wakula at caseyw@curarg.com, or contact us to learn more.  

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