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Last-Mile Delivery Outlook for 2020: Five Key Retail Trends to Watch This Year


We saw so many changes in retail logistics in 2019, from “BOPIS” to the rise of direct-to-consumer pop-up shops. Here are our predictions for the next 12 months.

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How AI May Play a Role in Solving Last-Mile Challenges

Last-mile challenges are a constant thorn in the side for most e-commerce businesses. Artificial intelligence, however, may have a role to play in solving this problem.

So goes e-commerce, so go last-mile solutions

As e-commerce continues its rise, the importance of last-mile delivery services only increases. Often a business’ reputation is tied to the type of delivery service a customer receives. Knowing this, it becomes imperative for e-commerce businesses to stand out and deliver the goods (literally and figuratively) in a timely manner.

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