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How Technology is Closing the Gap Between Physical and Online Stores & Distribution Centers

Why retailers who were dabbling with "digital transformation" before 2020 are picking up the pace

Let’s face it, many retail strategies that worked in 2019 stopped working in 2020 when merchants found themselves in the unthinkable position of telling customers not to come into stores. Without showrooms, sales staff, or in-store displays, it became next-to-impossible to demonstrate new products or sell anything at all.  

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In a “Just Commerce” World, Retailers Need Big Data More than Ever

Soon customers won’t distinguish between shopping on their phones, online or in your store. Big data can help you prepare.

Americans are obsessed with smartphones. We use them morning, noon and night to manage our daily activities, follow the news, and stay in touch with friends and family. A new study by Asurion says we check them almost 80 times a day!

We also use mobile devices to shop. Mobile, or “m-commerce,” is growing 3x faster than traditional e-commerce, a phenomenon directly correlated to the explosive growth of smartphones. In 2017:

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