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How to Fill a Delivery Void and Earn Loyal Customers

fill a delivery void and earn loyal customers

Eliminate the threat of package theft and wasted time waiting on deliveries by opening a customer convenience center.

Purchasing online should save the consumer time and effort, right? For some, not always. Millions of people live in high-density markets where buying online actually causes a dilemma, not a solution.

What can your business gain by solving delivery challenges for these consumers? Research shows that 65% of consumers choose where they shop based on the ease of delivery. Many shop in store to avoid delivery challenges, and more than 60% do so to avoid waiting for a delivery.

Provide a delivery solution, win loyal customers

A UPS/comScore study on customer loyalty found that ease of purchase and delivery tops consumers’ must-have list. Makes sense, right? So, if you find a way to solve delivery challenges, you gain respect and trust — and earn yourself loyal customers.

Customers seek:

  • The freedom to place an order and get it in hand quickly and easily. Often customers want their order delivered as fast as possible — sometimes the same day.
  • Worry-free delivery. Customers don’t want to be concerned about their package being stolen from their doorstep or adjusting their schedule to be home to assure safe delivery.

Another study by Forrester Research, Inc. found e-commerce sales to grow with improved customer service experience — like finding new ways to make delivery faster and easier.

Fill delivery voids, offer ease and convenience

You want the opportunity to reach new customers in “undeliverable” high-density markets, and those consumers want easy access to your product. You can facilitate a seamless buying experience by opening a customer convenience center(s) in those markets.

Customer convenience centers are easy-access, walk-in locations where distributors (for a direct-sales business, for example) and consumer members can pick up product ordered online — the very same day.

To open a convenience center:

  • First, partner with a full-service outsource partner with experience choosing ideal site locations to reach your specific customer demographic in these high-density markets.
  • Make certain the provider also has experience in managing all phases of required site remodeling or construction.
  • Demand full-service. Your outsource partner should manage your new convenience center(s) once construction is complete. Seek a partner with experience in hiring and training staff, human resources, management of inventory, and cash-flow.
  • Tailor the business model to your company’s specific needs — whether it is a quick package pick-up center or a members-only, fee-based center.
  • Maximize your profits with a convenience center that can accept cash payment. You avoid credit card transaction, gateway payment (applied to most ecommerce transactions), and chargeback fees — as well as the actual chargebacks if a customer disputes a purchase or says they never received the product.
  • Put your company name on the building for free advertising in your community.

Meeting customers’ needs is the easiest way to gain consumer trust and repeat business. By opening a walk-in customer convenience center(s), you provide fast, simple access to your product and develop a game-changing opportunity to grow your business.

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