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4-in-10 People Are Plagued By Package Theft And May Be Buying Less.

Unless you sell tractors and lawnmowers or back-yard trampolines, the chances are good that your customers come from all walks of life and live in all types of homes. From rural countrysides where the nearest shopping center is miles away, to suburban towns where neighbors know neighbors, the last mile of delivery for their e-commerce purchases is relatively straightforward. 

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Will Amazon Key Reduce Porch Piracy over the Holidays?

Package theft is particularly problematic around the holidays. But will that make consumers more open to delivery people entering their homes with Amazon Key?

Nearly 11 million U.S. homeowners had a delivered package stolen within the past year. This unfortunate side effect of the e-retail boom has many consumers searching for secure measures to keep their packages safe. Amazon, the company who is responsible for more e-retail than anyone else in this country, thinks they may have the solution in Amazon Key.

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Plagued by Porch Piracy? A Customer Pick-up Center Could Be the Solution

The average value for an online purchase in the U.S. is just over $85. Would you leave $85 lying out in the open for anyone to take? Probably not. Yet we do this on an almost daily basis with packages that have equal and sometimes greater value, as they are left unattended on porches and front steps.

Recent studies show that 58% of men and 50% of women enjoy making their purchases online, but going in store to pick up their item. Reasons range from convenience, to cost savings, to security.

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