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5 Alternative Solutions to Offering Free Shipping

Fast and free shipping: every e-commerce customer wants it. Unfortunately, this sort of service isn’t always feasible. Trying to keep up with the Amazons of the world can put a dent in a business’ bottom line — and sometimes it can even cause a business to fold.

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Pick-Up Centers Can Mitigate the Cost Of Fast, Free Shipping

For better or worse Amazon has changed the way individuals shop and how they expect their purchases shipped — fast and inexpensive, if not free. But when companies can’t afford to absorb the costs associated with fast, free shipping, how can they stay competitive in the e-commerce market? Customer pick-up centers are cost-effective alternatives to traditional shipping methods.

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How to Capitalize on the ‘Click and Collect’ Phenomenon

Here in the United States, we seem to have a real soft spot for things that are trending across the
pond in the United Kingdom.

Just think about some of the most popular shows on American TV — “The Office,” “Antiques Roadshow,” “House of Cards,” “American Idol,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Dancing With the Stars,” “Undercover Boss,” “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire,” and “Wife Swap.” Every one of them was copied from a popular TV show in the UK

And now we Americans have commandeered an emerging e-commerce phenomenon first identified by our neighbors abroad called “Click and Collect.” You may have heard the concept under another moniker — such as in-store pickup. Either way, if you're an e-commerce business owner, it's a concept you should know and embrace.

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How Your 3PL Strategy Fits into Your Omnichannel Puzzle

The word "omnichannel" has become omnipresent in the lives of e-commerce business owners. The customer-driven demand for multiple shopping methods is forcing companies to transform their logistics and inventory strategies.

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A New Year's Resolution: Grow Your E-commerce Business in Urban Areas

The new year inspires all of us to make resolutions and — here’s the hard part — actually achieve them. You know how it
goes: Fitness centers overflow with people who have resolved to lose weight in January. But how many of those people will be there in 3 or 6 months? Just a handful who have the resolve to see through their goals.

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Santa Delivers to Everyone in One Day — Can You?

Getting your goods through that last mile of the journey to your customers is the hardest and most expensive part of the trip. And now there’s a growing customer demand that has made it even more troublesome to pull off: same-day delivery expectations.

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