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Wrapping Up 2023: Vision Intact and Achievements Unlocked


We stayed the course but expanded our scope.

Some people plan vacations, and some celebrate with parties, but when the holidays arrive, we like to go back over the year's blog posts. 


  1. To see if we actually made progress on the things we said we were going to do at the end of last year.
  2. To revisit the trends and themes that shaped our thinking about what to do next.
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Top 5 Reasons Why DTC Retailers Love Pop-up Stores

Benefits of Pop-Up Retail

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How Well Do You Know Your Diverse Hispanic Customers? 3 Things to Consider

Hispanic Heritage Month, which lasts from mid-September to mid-October, celebrates the history and culture of Americans whose ancestors come from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, and Central America. The tribute started over 50 years ago when President Lyndon Johnson established a week-long national observance of the many ways Hispanic citizens contribute to U.S. culture and commerce.

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Remembering Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico Still Recovering

Just a few days ago we witnessed the fury of Hurricane Dorian and its terrible toll on the Bahamas. The devastation caused by the giant storm is reminiscent of the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico in 2017. We know, because our Cura Resources Group team has been instrumental in helping the people of Puerto Rico rebuild their lives ever since.

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6 Ways Retail is Using Big Data to Improve Operations

Here are 6 ways retail is using big data to keep operation costs low, increase customer satisfication, and increase profits.

When it comes to retail, the smallest gains can count the most. With such small margins, every bit helps to keep the bottom line in the black. This goes into keeping track of overhead as well as delivery costs. Now analysts are able to use data to keep operation costs low, increase customer satisfaction, and increase profits. So how are retailers using big data to bolster their sales and marketing efforts?

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