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How One Direct Sales Company Embraced Local Sales Centers

Herbalife Nutrition is a $4.5 billion global nutrition company with more than 8,000 employees around the world. It relies on a network of dedicated independent distributors in more than 90 countries to sell nutrition, weight-management, energy and fitness, and personal-care products. So how can Herbalife best support its independent distributors, getting them fast-moving products when they need them without creating an inventory burden?

The answer is local sales centers.

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4 Consumer Trends Impacting the Direct Selling Industry

Direct selling continues to grow and evolve, year over year. A recent report detailing consumer behaviors looks at future trends that will help shape the industry. So what are the shopping trends that your direct selling business needs to be aware of to keep competitive?

4 U.S. consumer trends impacting the direct selling industry

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Behind the Customer Pick-Up Center: What We Do at Cura


E-commerce product delivery has evolved to the point that customers don’t just expect their purchase to arrive quickly; they expect it to arrive for free. So how can your online retail business keep up with competitors who offer free two-day shipping? Managed customer pick-up centers could be the solution.

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2017 Trends in Direct Sales

Direct selling is an industry that continues to grow, year in, year out. With estimated retail sales of over $35 billion in 2015 — a 4.8 percent increase from 2014 — direct selling has now outpaced traditional retail sales. So how can your business keep up with this growth trend and even expand?

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Signs It’s Time to Expand Your E-Commerce Business

At this point, your business is out of the weeds. You recognize what you need to do in order to be successful — and certainly the things you need to avoid. But even for a business that is seemingly doing all the right things, you still may question if expanding is the right move.

The prospect of expanding your business can be both exciting and nerve wracking. But, if the signs are present, then this may be the right time to grow your business.

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How to Capitalize on the ‘Click and Collect’ Phenomenon

Here in the United States, we seem to have a real soft spot for things that are trending across the
pond in the United Kingdom.

Just think about some of the most popular shows on American TV — “The Office,” “Antiques Roadshow,” “House of Cards,” “American Idol,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Dancing With the Stars,” “Undercover Boss,” “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire,” and “Wife Swap.” Every one of them was copied from a popular TV show in the UK

And now we Americans have commandeered an emerging e-commerce phenomenon first identified by our neighbors abroad called “Click and Collect.” You may have heard the concept under another moniker — such as in-store pickup. Either way, if you're an e-commerce business owner, it's a concept you should know and embrace.

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Digital Tools Empower the Next Generation of Direct Sellers

Think about any direct-selling business and a digital-first approach is probably not what comes to mind. But, young entrepreneurs launching direct-sales endeavors are changing how today’s businesses operate.

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The Draw of Automated Locker Systems

Consumers today expect speed and convenience when it comes to getting their products in hand. To meet that demand, many e-commerce retailers and direct-sales businesses are choosing automated locker systems as a last-mile delivery solution. For example, online giants like Amazon have placed locker systems in convenient, easily accessible, and safe locations, like 7-11 and Staples office supply stores.

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